I know I owe you some pictures of my new kitchen, but there are a few details I want to fix before posting. Today however, I will show you a small project in one of the kitchen walls. So far, it was an empty wall, long and unfurnished. Too big to paint it in a bright color, but also too big to leave it all white. So searching through Pinterest I saw this beautiful idea on the blog Wee Birdy,  based on a Beci Orpin original idea, and I decided to try it.  
After painting the wall in a latte color, I tried to paint the circles with sprays, but I didn't like the result so I tried with the original idea.  
Needed: paper, scissors and some Blu-tack. And here is the result!

It's a shame the pictures don't show the whole wall (to give you an idea, it measures about 4 meters). I am very happy with the result!!

Total cost: 3 euros.



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