I want to share with you three amazing and useful gadgets.

The first one is UV SunSense. This is a bracelet that detects your sunscreen level. When you use the sunscreen, apply some on the bracelet. When the band fades to light pink, it is recommended to reapply sunscreen on your body and on the band. If it fades completely it means you had enough sun!

Sometimes we don’t realize we need sunscreen, bad thing! The skin has memory, and although it seems a simple burn, with time  become age spots, wrinkles or something worse. It is therefore important to protect us and especially children. Putting a bracelet on our kids can aware them that it’s important to be protected.

Here's the official website where you’ll find all the information. And here you will find the website of Spanish dealer. You can buy it online, sold in packages and the price is quite affordable.

Secondly here we have the Halo Belt. It is a LED belt ideal for cyclists. It is designed to make cyclists more visible when are driving at night.

The light is vivid and it seems to be an effective and comfortable object.

They also make bags with LED light too.


The belt works with a thermoplastic polyurethane optic fiber. Powered by two small batteries and can change the light intensity. There are different sizes and costs approximately 85 USD.

Here's the official website.

The third one is Lumoback. It’s a device that monitors our body posture throughout the day and night and tells us about using a vibration on the phone. It's a kind of belt that we can wear when we sit in the office, at home, sleeping, walking or running.

Surely it’s strange to wear it all day, but can be useful for people who need to correct acquired bad habits.
Here is the official website and a couple of videos to see how it works.

And that’s all


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