This is the other recipe I made ​​two weekends ago. It’s easy to make  and you can add or change the ingredients as you want.

I needed:

1 big potato per person

1 bunch of spinach per person


Grated cheese

1 egg

Olive oil, salt and pepper

How to:

Boil the peeled potatoes cut in them in small pieces. After about 15 minutes boiling add the washed and drained spinach and leave it boiling 5 minutes more. Then draw it from the pot and let it drain. At the same time I boiled the egg and grated the breadcrumbs and cheese.

Mash potatoes and spinach (with a fork, not a blender) and add salt and pepper and a good dash of olive oil. Now we have the puree ready. Put it into a tray able for the oven.  Put a layer of bread crumbs and cheese.

Put the tray in the oven to grill. Finally spread the grated egg above the gratin and a pinch of salt.

Bon appetit to all of you!


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