I’m remembering my trip to New York last Christmas, and I want to talk to you about three places we visited and you cannot miss if you travel to the big apple.
A friend of us that lives there took us to these places: Hudson Hotel NY night club, the Fat Cat, and BurgerJoint in Le Meridien Park NY Hotel. All them are three fantastic places to visit and spend a night in the city.

NY Hudson Hotel is a big hotel sited on Manhattan, 356 West 58th Street. One of the best things of the hotel is its night club, which also have a terrace and a library. What I liked most, besides the decoration, of course, is the wide space.

When you look at the hotel from the outside, you can’t imagine what is inside. This happens a lot in this city, because buildings hide secret spaces everywhere. Who would think that behind this facade of smooth concrete and this fluorescent yellow scales, there could be a lovely hotel with a bar where anyone can access it, whether are guests or not?

Aside from the photos I leave a video I found on You Tube to give you an idea of ​​how is the hotel inside.

After visit Hudson Hotel, we went to dinner at BurgerJoint, to have a delicious and cheap hamburger! Yes, you can eat good and cheap in Manhattan! The place is small, which means that people have to wait at the door, but the rotation is fast and usually don’t have to wait long.
The burger is inside of a dark narrow hallway inside the hotel Le Meridien Park. Yes, as you read, the burger is in a luxury hotel at 119 West 56th Street. You can enter to the hotel without any problems and go directly to the restaurant walking through the hall. I leave photos and videos.

And after dinner we went to the Fat Cat. It’s a nightclub in the Chelsea neighborhood (75 Christopher at 7th Av.). From the street you can see nothing but a dark door with very common neon light, but after going down dark stairs and pay three dollars, you walk into a big room with a long bar which leads to a bigger one full of tables billiards, table tennis, and an area where jazz is played constantly, with armchairs and tables to sit and listen to the music. It really is a place where seeing the New York bohemian nightlife.


I leave a video, and on the website you’ll find information about the games and tournaments, and the live jazz concerts.

New York it’s a city that can be experimented in a thousand different ways. This was our night and I assure you that it’s a great experience.


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