I want to share with you three gadgets; let’s see what you think about them.

The first one is I LOCK YOU. This is a safety anti theft device. We wear our whole life inside our bags!! Unfortunately I've seen some bag thieves in Barcelona, and it isn't nice! So this object can be very useful to sit in a terrace, bar, or going carefree everywhere.


There are different versions (silver, black, gold ...), find it in on the page I LOCK YOU, and also in Vinçon these days, both in the Passeig de Gràcia St store and in the online store.

You will notice that it isn’t cheap, about 29 Euros, but you know, as I say, you can live without gadgets, but they can make your life easier.

The second object surprised me, it’s a pot designed specifically to be hang upside down! It is watered from the bottom and had to be hang with a steel cable.

You can find it on the online store Gnomes.

Finally, these world and cities maps I've seen in Vinçon. Maps are printed on a piece of thick felt. It includes some special needles to put wherever you want.


It's beautiful and the price, I don’t remember it exactly, but I found it  very appropriate.

You can take a look on the website of the creators: Palomar.

That's all :)


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