Yes, I had the flu ache; my doctor says that 40% of the population at the moment is experiencing this flu... It's been a nightmare!

But now I’m ok and I’m working again on the blog.
Today I want to show what I did on Saturday 26. I finally made the Bornay workshop! In case you haven’t read my post about my bridal bouquet, the Bornay post, or the announcement of the workshops post, I’m going to explain you what is Bornay. I could say that they are some special florists, different, original, adapted to our time ... And I’m sure I will not express its real essence. In this case the images are more effective than words, so I leave the link of their website so you can see what they do and how they do it!

Well, I went to one of their courses, which lasted 5 hours and I enjoyed it as a child!

We first make a carpet. This is one of their most common creations, but so original and different to us. It combines natural flowers (only flowers, not grass or green plants) and spray painted dry flowers.

The result is fantastic, don’t you think?

Fàtima, Marta and Joan, the three members of Bornay, joined us at any time during the 5 hours that lasted the creative process. They provide all the materials, and prepared a great breakfast under a brilliant morning sun!
We noticed that they take care of all the details and live intensely the work they do. If you choose Bornay you can be sure you choose quality and dedication, as well as perfect results.

In the second part of the course we did a bridal bouquet. We combined natural flowers and spray painted dry flowers. Despite being amateurs we did it pretty good, but of course, no point of comparison with the great stile of Martha and Fàtima!

And this is the result. Once at home, I could calmly take a few pictures of my carpet and my bouquet. It makes me sad that something so beautiful will finally fade one day not so far...

Thank you Joan, Martha and Fàtima to organize these workshops and let us experience Bornay!


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