Last week Ona was born! Their parents, Cris and Oriol, are close friends to us. We were very excited to meet her,  so yesterday  we went to the hospital . The whole family is very happy.
Ona is  a beautiful baby; like a little doll, so fragile... She was sleeping when we arrived to the hospital,  but her parents told us that she had been crying all night long! They didn’t know what to do and the nurse didn’t too! Luckily,  she finally calmed.
Ona means wave in català (our language) ;p

We bring a little gift to Ona and her parents, and i wanted it  to look special. 
Today I’ll explain you what I did to wrap the gift. 

This is the result of the process,  very professional!

I used brown wrapping paper, the kind of paper that is used to wrap packaging boxes, and fuchsia tempera. The tempera colour has to be intense or it’s possible that doesn’t cover the brown color of the packaging paper. With a thin brush i wrote the name of the baby: Ona Ona Ona Ona...It’s an original way to make a gift wrapping paper, very personalized, don’t you think? Then you have to wait until the tempera is dry.

Next, you can start to wrap the gift. 

With another piece of paper I did a little bag to wrap the little pink bear that you can see in the picture. This bear makes a funny sound when you push it, it’s soft and so sweet...

And finally, I did a loop with a fuchsia string. The string was consistent and not elastic.

And that’s all folks! I think the result is cool, and Ona seemed very happy!
You can mix different colours, be creative!!

See you soon!


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