Today I want to talk about the present I gave to Albert, my husband, on our wedding day.
He gave me an engagement ring a few months earlier. It's a precious ring to me!

I thought for a long time what would be the perfect gift for him. I must say that I am very meticulous in this kind of topics, and I like to make surprise gifts to my people, especially with Albert. I didn’t want to give him the typical watch, so I squeezed my brains until the inspiration came. When you bring a gift to someone, the object is important, but the way to bring it, is important too!

When our relationship started, Albert went to Norway a few months to finish his degree. I went there by surprise. You should have seen his face when he saw me on the street alone, waiting for him... It was so romantic.... So we love that country, because we remember what happened there. We always say that we want to return there someday, and I thought this would be the perfect gift. And yes, I gave him a trip to Norway!
Well, I had the gift, but I was missing the way to bring it. Giving a travel is complicated, because it is not  a material present. So first of all, I bought a suitcase, a very special suitcase. The French site has suitcases that can be customized. I designed one with the flag of Norway. These suitcases are very original and there are in different sizes. I put it into a cardboard box, wrapped in gold wrapping paper, with a red and black ribbon.

Inside the suitcase, wrapped in the same gold gift paper, there was an illustration made by Juanjo, our friend and Mònica’s boyfriend. I asked Juanjo secretly if he could do an illustration to explain our history and our trip to Norway. I think  I would never be able to thank him and Mònica enough for what they did, to help me with that, because the illustration was the soul of the gift! It is lovely...!

Joint to all this, there was an envelope with a letter inside, written by me. The letter said that my gift was a trip to Norway for us, to live again all those moments that we lived there, because There is where we knew that we would be always together.  
And that's all...

By the way, my goal was fulfilled: make Albert cry! Of happiness of course! I have photos and witnesses who can corroborate! 

Oh, and if you've to marry you should know that it’s a nice idea that someone give to your fiancee a letter written by you, while he is waiting on the altar. I did it and it was great!


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