Today I want to show you what can be done with chocolate. This is not a spectacular construction but it’s the result of combining originality and simplicity. I'm glad to show you one of the Barcelona city symbols: the tiles of the city streets.

Enric Rovira, baker and chocolate artist delights us with this chocolate reality.

He does the same mini-tiles with chocolate, perfect to eat with coffee. I think it’s a fabulous present to bring when you go to visit  friends or family.
Here you have the web:

If you live away from Barcelona, it doesn’t matter; it can be an idea for you or your baker! ;)



  1. Oh! So pretty! Food always tastes better when it's pretty looking ;P Your blog is so cute!
    xo, Kinsey

  2. Wow, Kinsey from Red Velvet!! Thank you so much! We are so happy you like our blog.

    Send you a big hug from Barcelona!

    Mònica and Marina


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