When we were planning our wedding we thought a lot about what to gift to our guests. We wanted something different; something that people had never seen before at any wedding.

Looking for the ideal gift, we were lucky to find Papabubble.
We thought that it would be great to give this personalized sweets with our names inside, to our guests... We thought this was a different and useful present, because people would eat the sweets someday.

Albert and I visited Papabubble’s shop in Barcelona. They have shops all over the world. Curiously, we found Papabubble’s shop when we stayed in New York during our honeymoon! We were walking in the street and suddenly found the shop. We were very surprised that the shop’s name  was in catalĂ  (our language). We decided to ask the reason why the name was in catalĂ  in  a New York City shop. Kindly, the girl who was working there told us that the person who opened the shop had been working in Papabubble Barcelona.

So, we liked the shop in Ciutat Vella neighborhood, in Barcelona.  It’s a little place, but big enough to see how they work  and big part of their products. They do different kind of colors and flavours, and they don’t have to be related. For example, we chose pink color and apple taste. The  flavours are the typical ones, but you can find others not so typical...: mojito, lavender, kiwi, passion fruit, aniseed...

They work in the shop so you can see how they prepare the sweets. We chose our product, and they packed them and told us how to conserve them before the wedding. They keep them until you need.

We designed the stickers you see in the photos, we gave them to Papabubble people and they pasted them to the sweet packaging.

They treat us very well and listened to any of our  ideas. So... We did another order!!  I  will explain it to you another day, I hope you like it...

Be sweet!


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  1. Super original i a sobre estan boniiiisssiimssss!!!!! :)


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