Today I want to show you my bridal bouquet. It was a special bouquet because it was made with flowers  that don't usually grow where we live.  
I found  via Internet a few girls who work in wedding decoration and other events.  
The truth is that as soon as I saw their creations I fell in love with their work.

My bridal bouquet

We contacted them and we explain  what was our idea and  what  kind of flowers we wanted. The most exciting thing  is that the bouquet is especially made  for you. This means that is unique and has never been made before. I also did not know how it looked like until the day before the wedding, when they bring it to you. As you can see, mine was lovely, it was just what i wanted!

You can check their website  and  their blog .

And here you have some pictures of their  work

mmmm...I love it!!!


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