Some funny things I've found via Internet: 
  • If you wanna test your color perception take this Xrite test.  Just follow the instructions and arrange the colors by hue order. Best score is 0. Mine was 12 :-o!
  • And when you see these pictures, maybe you'll think you really have a problem with your color perception... Yes, it's a pink water lake, no photoshop involved! You can find it in Senegal, Amazing!
  • And talking about amazing stuff, take a look at this tinny victorian house.
  • A few months ago I talked about Gotye in one of our music posts. There are a lot of versions of his "Somebody that I used to know" but I find this one pretty funny.
  • And last, the most original and scatological stuff I've found on the Internet. If you are looking for a good revenge or just the perfect present for someone you dislike, go to  Yes, what you see is real. You can buy and send shit in a box, like a present! Crazy...

That's all friends,



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