Last week I bought the book GRAPHICS PACKAGING AND PRODUCTION. This is a very illustrative book about the industrial processes for making products that we usually use. I liked it immediately, as soon as I saw it on the shelves of the University of Trondheim library, when we were in Norway. That library was a nice place, and I think I could be there for hours... It was full of books of science, medicine, photography, art, crafts, architecture, biology, chemistry, students researches ... I've never seen a bookstore completely focused on this kind of books. The libraries in our country are usually full of books for big audiences and bestsellers, but not specialized in the issues I found on Trondheim. I did not buy it right there because the price was quite high in Norwegian kroner. Once in Barcelona, I found it in Laie library, one of the few stores that are saved from the commercial mediocrity.

Well, the book is very interesting. Published in 2012, it shows how to make industrial production processes such as bottles and jars, shapes in plastics used for packaging, or the cardboard where the eggs are packed, how to paint on porcelain, how to make garbage bags ... and much more. It describes which materials they use, and the environmental impact of each process.

The pictures are the ones I took at the same bookstore in Trondheim. Oh! And you can buy it in Amazon too.


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