Again in the Born district of Barcelona city, in a narrow street called Cotoners, there is a small shop, a curious shoe store that matches perfectly with the modernity of this new neighborhood style.
In this beautiful decorated establishment, you will find shoes that are very different from usual. They could easily belong to a Tim Burton's movie.

They are made in California, with the best Italian leather and treated with natural dyes.
As the owners say on the web, they took the idea of a shop in New York, and brought it to Barcelona in April 2009.
It’s possible to customize them, although what you find in the store it’s enough to dress with a different style, and very comfortable!
Are Cydwoq shoes, visit this link if you want to know more.

C. dels Cotoners, 14
93 2680383
M: L4 (Jaume I)

See you soon!


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