Yesterday was a very very very special day in Catalunya: la Diada de Sant Jordi (Saint George's day). It's like Valentine's Day, but instead of cakes, presents or hearts, men give red roses to women, and women give them books.

The most popular legend in Catalonia about Sant Jordi tells that at Montblanc ( a village in Conca de Barberà), there was a terrible dragon which viciously attacked men and beasts. To pacify it, lots were drawn and a person was chosen to be given as a sacrifice to the monster. One day, the misfortune fell on the king's daughter, who would have died in the beast's claws if it had not been for the arrival of a handsome knight who challenged the dragon and killed it. Over the dragon blood grew up a red rose,  and the knight gave it to the princess. And since then, it's a tradition that each 23 April, men give red roses to their loved ones.


It is a very beautiful day. In Barcelona's most visited street, La Rambla, and all over Catalonia, thousands of stands of roses and makeshift bookstalls are hastily set up for the occasion. By the end of the day, some four million roses and 800,000 books will have been purchased. 
I let you some photos I took yesteraday in Barcelona.

See you!


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