There are a few movies that I'm more than just excited to see at the cinema this year 2012, but I think I'll have to wait until december.  Well, we can take a look at the trailers while we wait, no?

First one, a new adaptation from The Great Gatsby, by Baz Luhrmann (Moulin Rouge, Romeo and Juliet) with Leo Dicaprio and Carey Mulligan. It definitely has style!

The next one is another classic, Anna Karenina. Directed by Joe Wright (Pride and Prejudice, Hanna) with Keira Knightley and Jude Law.  The images are really stunning...

And finally, my favourite one, The Hobbit. Directed again by Peter Jackson (The Lord of Rings). To see Gandalf again, and Galadriel! Oh, the waiting...



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