Hey! I'm on holidays, hooray !! To celebrate, I leave you some funny things I've found via Internet
  • A few days ago I discovered the blog Cabin Porn. No, it's not about porn in cabins ;-P It's a blog for cabin lovers and this is what you'll find: stunning pictures of cabins around the world...So inspiring!
  • And talking about inspiration, have you seen the last video from  Kinfolk? It's called "An Ode to Summer" take a look here.
  • Now we change the subject and talk about animals. Strange and beautiful animals like the  Rosy Maple Moth or the Pacific Barreleye Fish (yes, it has a transparent head!). Here you have a video about this amazing fish...
  • And talking about strange animals, can you imagine a giant pink rabbit, so big that you can see it from space? Then go to the italian Alps  and find this amazing art creation from Gelitin Collective. Also, you can see it from Google Earth!

See you soon, 


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