The first recipe of this blog should be a normal soup (what a surprise huh?).
A normal soup is a broth made for kings, a tasty broth, it makes you feel the aroma and opens the stomach and transports you to paradise. Today there are many people who have not tasted it for years, maybe in a good restaurant, but they have no idea how it's made.
This can stop today.


To make a normal soup the most important thing is to have the right ingredients. The broth is done by itself, we only have to fill a very large pot of slow boiling water and add the ingredients:

¨ Salt

¨ 1 beef bone ( bone with a bit of cartilage)
¨ 1 pork bone (bone from the spine of the pig)
¨ A piece of chicken, can be chicken bones or chicken breasts ...
¨ 1 bone of the shoulder or leg of lamb ( bone with some meat)
¨ 1 chicken breast (wash it before)

  All of this should boil 1 hour. Once it has boiled, add the vegetables, which are:

¨ 2 peeled potatoes
¨ 1 / 2 leek
¨ 1 carrot
¨ 1 cabbage leaf
¨ 1 piece of celery

Everything must boil half an hour. And the broth is already done!

¨ The vegetables can be frozen and  then throw them directly in the broth.

¨ Never let the broth cool completely.

¨ Using a large pot you have broth for many meals, all you have to do is freeze it in small containers, which  will be more practical to defrost it.

Hope you like it!


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  1. que bona és la sopa, quan obres el congelador i la veus dintre d'un brick. No cal res més que descongelar-la per fer-te el té preu!


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