I've been thinking of making a rainbow cake for a long time, and I finally decided it during the Easter vacations. My nephews helped me and were very excited to participate in the process.

Ingredients for the cake:

200 grams of butter
4 eggs
480 grams of flour
320 grams of sugar
2 tablespoons vanilla essence
16 grams of yeast
250 ml of milk
Food colorant

I used a mold of 22 cm diameter and then I cut the edges to make them more uniform. 

Mix butter and sugar until it's totally mixed, then add the eggs, one by one, only add the next when the previous is completely mixed in the dough. Then add the vanilla essence.
Add the flour and the yeast slowly. When all this ingredients are together, add the milk.
Now take 8 bowls and put one tablespoon of dough in each one until the dough is finished.
Now add the food colorant  in each bowl.
Put some butter and flour in the mold and bake each dough 8 to 10 minutes at 180 degrees with the oven preheated.
Once cooked let them cool. Now you can make the cake structure or if you want you can wrap each color cake and let it in the fridge for the next day.

To build the structure put a color cake in a tray, then a layer of cream, then a different color cake, then a layer of cream… until the structure is complete.

The color dyes are  able for eating. I already bought a kit with all the colors made. If you buy only the three basic colors you can get the other colors by making the appropriated mixtures.

Between the dough coats I put whipped cream.

Here you can see the remnants.

Here is the Easter traditional chocolate egg, also we made it, don’t buy it! Using a very large egg mold purchased Gadgets Cuina, we did the egg following the instructions in this video.

Well, I built the cake placing each dough in the color order you can see on the photos, placing cream between each one.

Here is the egg on the top of the cake! It's great, right?

And that's it! I hope you enjoyed my rainbow Easter cake! ;)


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